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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Ashley Hay is Mera!

This is F.O.A.M. member Ashley Hay, looking positively stunning in a Mera cosplay outfit!

Ashley's first appearance on the Shrine was as Batgirl (alongside her boyfriend Cole, dressed as Aquaman), but her heart is clearly with Mera: not only did she don this amazing outfit, but she made a Mera "Munny" figurine which appeared here last year.

The costume is based off of the Mera Ame-Comi figurine that came out a few months ago. It was created by Helen Aure (nice job, Ms. Aure!) and the photos are by Britt Dietz. Amazing work all around!


Wings1295 said...

Beautiful and beautifully done! Kudos!

Dene said...

Go, Ashley-! You look GREAT-!!!!

And I love that li'l custom figure she made, too-! So cute-!!!