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Aquaman, Episode 10: The Deadly Drillers

Aquaman Episode 10: "The Deadly Drillers" by Dennis Marks

Aquaman, hanging out in his boss Aqua-Cave, gets an alarm about an earthquake happening just a few miles away--the same spot Aqualad happens to be patrolling!

Aquaman takes off, and he sees that the area is under attack by a race of mole people, who are inside massive ships with diamond-cutting drills attached to the front.
Aqualad has fallen into a crevice created by the mole people, and can't get out. With the help of some Pufferfish, Aquaman helps free his sidekick and then goes after the ships directly. One of them zap him with their electricity beam, which knocks Aquaman out. He then is dragged inside and told that the mole people's next goal is...Atlantis!

Aquaman stuffs himself into a torpedo tube, and launches himself out of the ship. He then commands his finny friends to drag a net of seaweed which traps the mole people's ships. They turn the ships on one another, since they fire automatically at anything in their path. With half the fleet now decimated, the mole people's leader calls for a hasty retreat.
Aqualad assumes that they will give chase and destroy the rest of the ships, but Aquaman curiously shows mercy, allowing them to return to the underground lair. The mole people are so humiliated, even Tusky the Walrus gets in on thr act. As Aquaman and Aqualad have a good laugh, we have reached...The End!

There are some nice visuals this episode, including nifty lighting on Aquaman when he is trapped inside one of the mole people's ships. The bad guys themselves are nothing special, but the Aqua-Cave remains as cool as ever.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Multiversity: Thunderworld Adventures #1 - Feb. 2015


Comics Weekend
"Captain Marvel and the Day That Never Was" by Grant Morrison, Cameron Stewart, and Nathan Fairbairn.

With no new Aquaman comic this week, and the Sea King still flat on his back over in Justice League, I thought it would be fun to profile a different new comic on the shelves. And since Shazam!/Captain Marvel has taken more than his fair share of abuse by the Shrine over the years, it's only appropriate to take a look a comic featuring him. Plus that cover is pure awesome!


This story opens at the Rock of Eternity, with Shazam! under attack from...Sivana! Having followed Shazam's lightning back to its original source, the mad scientist has come up with another nefarious plan: by duplicating Captain Marvel's powers, he transforms his three nebbish, but evil, children into muscle-bound superheroes while he messes with the time stream!


Captain Marvel calls members of his family, Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary Marvel, to help out and take on Sivana's rampaging kids. Meanwhile, Sivana uses temporal energy from other universes to extra day! Teaming up with other alternate universe Sivana, the ultimate plan is to rule the Multiverse! Bw-ha-ha-ha!

The battle continues to rage in Fawcett City, and things looks grim for our heroes when it's revealed that Sivana's kids were just there to distract the Marvel Family while the big guns were called in: The Monster Society of Evil!


Luckily, just at that moment, the Lieutenant Marvels also show up, and together with Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary, they free Captain Marvel to head back to the subway where he was created to stop Sivana's plan. Before he can free Shazam, Sivana uses the magic lightning to transform himself into a Sivana/Black Adam hybrid!

A massive fight ensues, but it takes Captain Marvel to point out the flaw in Sivana's plan: trusting the other Sivanas! The extra day created has a fatal flaw, which ruins Sivana's plan! Soon after, Shazam is freed, the monsters are defeated, and The Marvel Family is read for another adventure:


I have not been following the Multiversity storyline, so I had no idea what world this was, or its greater context, but it only took a page or two for me to realize I didn't care. Other than one throwaway meta line of dialogue, this is a classic Marvel Family adventure, full of humor and action, brought to life by the brilliant work of Cameron Stewart. Sivana's plan is classic Mad Scientist stuff, and Grant Morrison even found a way to make appearances by Fat and Hillbilly Marvel seem cool.
Hey DC--more of this, please!

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Random Panel of the Day #1160


Aquaman Art Gallery: Scott Cosby

Better late than never, here is a sketch by Scott Cosby of 90s Aquaman. I dig the simplicity of this, the straight lines and blocky detail. Nice job Scott!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Random Panel of the Day #1159


TBT: DC Superheroes Stickers

Very rarely does someone send me a piece of Aqua-Merch that I have never seen before, but David Kelly pulled it off when he sent me a scan of these DC superhero stickers, copyrighted 1982.

Obviously meant as an inspirational tool to the young student of your choice, I would have loved to have gotten a sticker like this on the rare occasion I got an "A" on a test:

...I don't recognize the art style on Aquaman, but the rest of them look very Ross Andru to me, so I'm betting Andru did the honors on the Sea King, too.

Very cool, thanks David!


This post originally appeared on June 2, 2010.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Random Panel of the Day #1158


Know Your Villains: The Trench

Our fourth installment of Know Your Aquaman Villains focuses not on a single villain, but rather a group of mindless, rampaging beasts: no, not comic book fans--the undersea horde known as The Trench!

From a marketing standpoint, The Trench could not have been given an, er, splashier introduction: they were the first villains Aquaman faced in his New 52 form, getting to appear on the cover to issue #1 (Nov. 2011) right there next to the Sea King:
Some unknowing fishermen run afoul of The Trench, who have come to the surface looking for food. After chomping their way through them, The Trench see the lights from the nearby city and head there. After another late night attack, the local police ask Aquaman to get involved, which leads to even more trouble:
After killing one of The Trench, Aquaman carts the corpse to Dr. Steven Shin, whose autopsy reveals where they come from and how they use some of paralyzing goo on their enemies before the kill. Aquaman and Mera take off for the portion of the Mid-Atlantic that The Trench hail from, putting themselves into the lion's den.

Aquaman and Mera battle The Trench on their own turf, ultimately squaring off against the "queen", a massive, nightmarish creature:
Outnumbered, Aquaman determines the only way to escape as well as keeping the Trench from attacking again is to seal the fissure in the ocean floor that leads to the surface. With the help of Mera and an underground volcanic eruption, Aquaman uses all of his massive strength to move a giant chunk of rock, sealing The Trench in forever, dooming them to slowly starve to death.
But of course you can't keep a good rampaging mass of razor-tooth monsters down, and The Trench reappeared about a year later in the "Throne of Atlantis" storyline that ran in Aquaman and Justice League. This time, The Trench faced squared off against the League while Aquaman battled his brother Orm, who was attempting to take over the United States (Justice League #17, April 2013):
Aquaman, having defeated Orm, declares himself King of the Seven Seas, ordering all his subjects--even The Trench--to fall in line. Surprisingly they do, showing that they are not quite as mindless as they first appeared to be.

The Trench continued to hover around the margins of the Aquaman book following these two storylines. When Black Manta went searching for relics of the dead Atlantean king, we saw some ancient statuary that looked awfully familiar:
We learned in Aquaman #24 (Dec. 2013) that The Trench were, in fact, the end result of a sect of Atlanteans who were separated from the rest of the kingdom eons ago after Atlan destroyed it.

The Trench returned the next issue, under the command of Aquaman(!), when the Sea King needed extra reinforcements to defeat the Dead King and Nereus, who claims Mera as his bride (good luck with that):
This was the last we saw of The Trench--for now. Having been given such a powerful debut, there's no way that future Aquaman writers won't bring them back, possibly to menace Aquaman again, even though they currently recognize him as their king.

One appearance we can be reasonably sure will happen will take place in 2018, when the Aquaman movie hits theaters. Along with other Aqua-Foes, The Trench have been tapped to appear in that film, which ought to provide some good old fashioned nightmare fuel to Aqua-Fans worldwide.


The Trench Created by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, and Joe Prado.

The Trench Appearances:
Aquaman (Vol.8) #s 1-4, 24, 25
Justice League #s 16, 17
Aquaman The Movie???

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Aquaman and the Others Cancelled

Not unexpectedly, DC announced today that Aquaman and the Others is cancelled, and issue #11 will be the last one. Let's congratulate Dan Jurgens, Lan Medina, and the rest on their fine work and enjoy the few issues remaining in the series.

Random Panel of the Day #1156


Random Aquaman Movie Casting Choice

Jessica Chastain as Mera.


The Shrine posted the above on September 24, 2012--more than two years ago. So why are we bringing it back up again now? Well, check out this tweet from Ms. Chastain herself, yesterday:


Why the heck is Jessica Chastain even talking about the Aquaman movie? She has no connection to it that we've heard.

Happy Aqua-Birthday J.M. DeMatteis!


The Aquaman Shrine wishes writer J.M. DeMatteis a Happy Birthday!

The Fire and Water Podcast, Episode 109

The official podcast of THE AQUAMAN SHRINE and FIRESTORM FAN

Episode 109 - Firestorm on The Flash/Force Awakens/Listener Feedback

This week Shag and I talk about Firestorm's live action debut on THE FLASH, the STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer, and wrap up with your Listener Feedback!

Have a question or comment? Looking for more great content?

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Opening theme, "That Time is Now," by Michael Kohler. Closing music by Daniel Adams and Ashton Burge of The Bad Mamma Jammas!

Thanks for listening! Fan the Flame and Ride the Wave!

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Aquaman, Episode 9: The Ice Dragon

Aquaman Episode 9: "The Ice Dragon" by Bob Haney

A mysterious, dragon-like creature is attacking the other denizens of the sea, and it's up to Aquaman and Aqualad to stop it!

This "ice dragon" is a pretty tough customer. It has the ability to freeze the water around it, encasing its prey in ice. After rendering an octopus completely frozen, it does the trick on Aquaman:
Aquaman and Aqualad try a tag-team approach to fighting the creature, but nothing seems to work: it's just too large, too strong, too mad. The battle moves to an ice floe, where the creature freezes both heroes. Aquaman sends a command to some swordfish, who use their razor-sharp snouts to free the block of ice, which is then smashed into bits by a Hammerhead Shark.

Aquaman then decides to get in close, grabbing the Ice Dragon by the neck and choking it until it loses consciousness:
While the creature is out, er, cold, Aquaman has two whales drag it into an ic cave. He then creates a whirlpool, covering the opening in ice. He then has the small iceberg sent out into frigid waters, where the creature will hopefully remain dormant for a long, long time. The End!

Another episode where the plot synopsis for this episode could not be more simple: a monster attacks. That said, the fighting scenes are pretty good, and Aquaman gets more directly physical than he has to this point. The guy knows how to take care of business!

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Aquaman #40 Variant Cover by Richard Horie

Aquaman gets in on the variant cover action for DC's March 2015 titles, courtesy this movie/comics mashup by artist Richard Horie. Check out the whole gallery here. Can you name them all?

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Random Panel of the Day #1155


Aquaman Art Gallery: Lunarbaboon

Don't ask me to explain this, because I can't. Check out for more of the weird.

Thanks to our newest, Sean Ennis, for sending it along!

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