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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My First Wonder Woman Book

Downtown Bookworks sent me a copy of another one of their volumes, My First Wonder Woman Book, which is a "Touch and Feel" board book. Inside, you can check out the Amazing Amazon's sparkly blue cape, feel her Magic Lasso, check out her reflective bracelets, and lift a flap to see WW in her secret identity:

Wonder Woman's JLA pals do make an appearance, thanks to this classic group shot by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (PBHN), which I never tire of looking at:

You can pick the book up now, on Amazon or via any fine seller of books. Thanks again to Downtown Bookworks for making these wonderful little tomes!

Postscript: I gave my copy of the book to a co-worker, thinking his three-year old daughter would enjoy it. Before I even made it home, he informed me she read it five times in a row. Can't ask for a better review of My First Wonder Woman Book!

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