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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The New 52: Week 2!

Well if you're a DC Comics fan (and who reading this isn't?) last week was light at the 'ole LCS as there were only two new books published--the final issue of Flashpoint & the first issue of Justice League. Not so this week as DC begins to roll out its regular titles in force, so just in case you missed it the first time and still need help making your selections for tomorrow, we're running our New 52 Checklist (complete with Aquaman Shrine banner) again!
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What New 52 titles are we at the Aquaman Shrine most looking forward to this week? Here are the various Shrine staff picks:

The top 3 on my pull list are Action Comics (history in the re-making), Batgirl (Babs back in the cowl?!?) and Stormwatch (I've never read anything from Wildstorm so dropping Martian Manhunter into this team title was a great way to grab me). -- Joe Slab

I'm tempted to pick up Action Comics and Detective Comics, just for the sheer novelty of it, but I'll decide that on the fly (hey, where'd Adventure Comics go again?!?). I'll definitely be getting Batgirl and Swamp Thing (and not just because Aquaman cameos!), and probably Men of War, as well--I'm intrigued at the idea of updating Sgt. Rock, to see if that works at all. -- rob!

Green Arrow - Good: Dan Jurgens & George Perez sound excellent. Bad: not an overwhelming fan of the "vigilante justice" he seems to embody now. Static Shock - I always liked Static (hell, I always liked Milestone) so I want to like this. Scott McDaniel is great, so...yeah, prolly. -- Russell Burbage

Animal Man
- I'm giving it a shot because of I love the concept of Animal Man (and Grant Morrison run, of course) and I think there's a lot of potential to be mined. Also, Swamp Thing - Love Swamp Thing for almost the same reasons as Animal Man, except substitute Alan Moore and Len Wein's runs for Morrison's. --
Andy Luckett

Hope you enjoyed this week's New 52: Week 2 Selection Post and who knows, if you guys like it we may do it again next Tuesday as well...be sure and let us know!


Wings1295 said...

For this week, the comics I am getting are Action Comics #1, Animal Man #1, Batgirl #1, Detective Comics #1, Hawk & Dove #1 and Justice League International #1. For me, this is a big week!

El Ka-Bong! said...

I know I'm certainly going to pick up Stormwatch. I haven't read it (or any "Image" comics) since I was in middle school or thereabouts. I'm not familiar with any of the new team members, but I'm interested to see how they fit into the new line of comics.

julian said...

awesome!!!!!!!!!! september 28 is my birthday nice!!!!!!!!!!!

Russell said...

Wow, we're an eclectic bunch, aren't we! :-)

So...who wants to take bets on which title(s) get cancelled first? ;-)

r duncan said...

Russell, my guesses would be Hawk/Dove (sorry Joe, hope I'm wrong), BatWoman (all I know about her is she's a lesbian...that and yet another 'bat-" label are supposed to be the basis for a comic book?), iVampire (too derivative), Mr.T (being the world's 3rd smartest man won't cut it), and Red Hood (just looks dumb).