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Friday, June 22, 2012

From The Writers of Aquaman: Bob Rozakis

sgWe have another installment of From The Writers of Aquaman today, this time focusing on former Aquaman scribe and DC Answer Man Bob Rozakis, who has a book of comic-book trivia for sale up on Lulu!

Bob's "Ask The Answer Man" column was one of my favorite (if not the) bonus features DC used to put in their books--I always learned something, even if it sometimes involved the words "Nick Nolte" and "Aquaman" in the same sentence.

I haven't personally read The Answer Man's Book of Trivia Quizzes yet, but man I wish something like this had been around when I was kid, stuck in the backseat of the family car during long drives. So if you are an old school comics fan and find yourself planning a trip with your kids, consider picking this up. And tell 'em The Aquaman Shrine sent you!


Russell said...

What is "LULU"? Is this a self-publishing venture? Or just another internet sales page?

Bob Rozakis said...

lulu.com. The book is self-published. It will also be available on Amazion in a few weeks.