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Friday, December 09, 2011

The Daily Planet - 12/11/78

Aquaman just barely makes it into this December 11, 1978 edition of The Daily Planet, as he awaits an apparently colorful death at the hands of The Time Trapper.

Of more interest is the "Ask The Answer Man" column, seen to the right. We've covered this before, but this question--and Bob Rozakis' confused answer--just makes me laugh every time I see it:

Nick Nolte as Aquaman?!? Who are you, Mr. Aaron Taylor, and why were you drinking so much as a child?


Richard said...

Actually, if you look up pictures of a young Nick Nolte (as I just did now) at one time back in the Seventies he totally looked the part and this would have been a great choice. Mr. Taylor was not, one feels, delusional -- he was simply providing his own casting suggestion for the only Super Friends regular who needed one. Other than Zan and Jayna.

rob! said...

I know; considering the time that was actually a reasonable suggestion. It just makes me laugh how he mentions Nolte in the same way as the rest, as if he's already established in the role.

rob! said...

Oh, and Zan and Janya should have been played by Shields and Yarnell. Or maybe Donnie and Marie.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was inspired by Nolte's role in "The Deep".

Joseph Brian Scott said...

"Oh, and Zan and Janya should have been played by Shields and Yarnell. Or maybe Donnie and Marie."

That's priceless. Do you think Debbie the space chimp from "Lost In Space" was still around at that time? They could have painted her purple and made her Gleek.

Richard said...

(thwacks forehead) I forgot about The Deep! You're right, that's what he must have been thinking of.

Definite thumbs up on Shields and Yarnell as Zan and Jayna. (She played a villain on Wonder Woman once; funny the oddball things we remember...)

rob! said...

I'm sure The Deep figured mightily in the pick of Nolte.

Another way to go with a live action Zan and Janya would to make them sisters and cast Pink Lady. Jeff Altman could reprise his role as The Weather Wizard.

Russell said...

Shag(g), this one's for you: first letter of the bunch is:

Q: Is Firestorm going to join the
JLA, as mentioned in FIRESTORM #2?

A: Not in the near future.


Michael Jones said...

I'm a big Pink Lady fan. An inspired choice!