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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ask the Answer Man Column - 1979

sgI saw this question in a April, 1979 Ask the Answer Man column and I never forgot it. I recently went digging through my comics and found it in Adventure Comics #462.

I'm assuming this particular fan, Aaron Taylor, probably had just seen The Deep and thought "Big blonde guy + water movie = Aquaman!" Not the most ridiculous conclusion to come to, when you think about it. I think my favorite part though, is our pal Bob Rozakis' flabbergasted reply.

I was intrigued at the idea of Aquaman actually being portrayed in live-action and for years, every time I saw Nick Nolte in a movie I thought "Yeah, maybe he could've been Aquaman!"

But maybe Mr. Taylor was on to something. Little did I know that there were plans afoot for Nolte to star in an Aquaman movie, and a recently discovered costume test bears this out:
(...I dunno, too easy?)


Anonymous said...

"Hi diddle dee dee
an actor's life for me..."

Scurvy said...

I could see him playing the Kingdom Come Aquaman now...