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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Aquaman Art Showcased at SDCC '11

By now you know that we've been posting new art from the upcoming Aquaman series all week on the Shrine including pieces featured in The New 52 #1 as well as The Hollywood Reporter. Well, last evening at the SDCC's Justice League panel, DC revealed to the crowded room this soon-to-be iconic, full page image of the Sea King in all its hi-res glory:

The image, which is so clear you can see the blue in Aquaman's eyes, was quickly posted and re-blogged all over the internet while in fact, we showed you a cropped, lo-res version as our Random Panel of the Day #212
earlier in the week. Now, we are even happier to bring it to you as it was truly meant to be viewed! Please feel free to click to enlarge and set as your desktop or phone wallpaper (I already have).

Ivan Reis' pencils and Joe Prado's inks are really syncing up and if this example is any indication, the art in
Aquaman is going to be some of the most spectacular to come out of DC's New 52!

Speaking personally, I can see the influence of both the legendary Jim Aparo as well as the amazing George Perez in Reis & Prado's artistic style. These elements combined with their own larger-than-life, modern approach lead me to believe that it is their art that will be responsible for introducing the Sea King and his cast to a whole new generation of Aquaman fans.

And our preview gets even better, visit our Twitpic
account to view the original b&w page by Ivan & Joe as well as tons of other Aquaman related images from the Aquaman Shrine's Twitter feed. Enjoy!


Ryan said...

Aquaman rocks!!!

I've never wanted it to be September so badly.

Patrik said...

thinkg you can get a hold of a copy of the picture where he flips a truck using his trident?

Joe Slab said...

@Patrik -

We've got that image in a previous post: http://www.aquamanshrine.com/2011/07/hollywood-reporter-aquaman-1-sneak_21.html

Or just scroll down :)