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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DC New 52 Aquaman Preview

This is Aquaman's page from the new DC Comics: The New 52 free preview that came out today.

I gotta say, this book made me a little giddy when I saw it. It reminded me of those awesome DC Sampler books they did in the 80s, which offered glimpses of new series, new characters, new creators...it was all so exciting! Sure, I'm older and wiser (hollow laugh) now, and nothing will match what I felt back then. But hey, the fact that DC managed to do that even a little bit seems miraculous to the withered, cynical husk I have become.

Its also worth mentioning that many of the series previewed in this book don't get a full page, but Aquaman does. That only makes sense, of course, since some of DC's marquee names are working on it. Nevertheless, its a giant gesture of respect to a character that isn't used to them.

Click the graphic to see a bigger version!


Joe Slab said...

That image of Aquaman in the lower right corner is the one I want to see full size!

How majestic does Ivan Reis' Sea King look in that panel?!?

Brent said...

How/where did you get this?

rob! said...

My LCS didn't have it, but its around on the web.

IADW said...

I second what Joe said - that's the best Reis panel of Aqua-goodness yet!

Max California said...

So damn excited! I have high hopes that soon everyone will love Aquaman :D