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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Aquaman #1 Sneak Preview

Here is a glimpse at some of Ivan Reis' pencils for the upcoming Aquaman #1. Be careful, bad guys, that thing looks awful pointy!


Jared A. McGrath said...

Oh man! do my eves decieve me?! Aquaman fighting crime?! So much bad-assity!

That last panel's all like "Bring it on, bitches!"

Oh man, I was a little skeptical about this series after Johns chopped Aquaman's hand off again in Brigtest day, but after this preview... I could not be more (carefully) thrilled!!!

David J. Cutler said...

Couldn't be more pleased.

dr. fe2 said...

I'll try to be as eloquent as my advanced education allows me:


I've been waiting for a writer to recall that, although of the Sea, Arthur ventured to land... and can hold his own there. If you can withstand the pressure of oceanic depths, bullets are not a big deal...

Wil Radcliffe said...

I'm just glad that he's regularly using the trident now. They show him with it in so much merchandising (action figures, snow globes, etc.), it's nice to see him actually using it on a regular basis in the comics. GL has his ring, WW her lasso, Batman his utility belt, and now Aquaman has a weapon of his own. The question is, have they defined the trident as simply a well-crafted weapon that pretty much just "stabs" and "pokes"? Or is it going to be defined as a mystical weapon, allowing Arthur to truly master the seas (ala Poseidon)?