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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Justice League Lunch Bag - 1978

This unbearably cool JLA lunch sack comes from the amazing collection on display over at WonderWomanCollectors.com.

Featuring Dick Giordano's iconic cover to Limited Collectors Edition #C46, when I first saw this on the WW site I thought it was a custom item: rarely did you ever see something this sharp on a piece of merchandise, especially one that has not been altered to make it more mass-market friendly: you'd really expect Robin dropped in on here, over less merchandisable heroes like Hawkman and Green Arrow (since Robin can't fly of course, that means Ollie would have gotten the boot).

Growing up, I generally hid my love of comics and/or superheroes by the time I hit teenagerdom; had I owned this baby I probably would have suffered through the attacks, I would have thought it was too cool to hide.

Aquaman's flying!


Earth 2 Chris said...

Good call on Robin replacing GA in this image. He did in the opening for Challenge of the Super Friends, in the brief bit where they swipe this piece. Aquaman is flying there too!!!

I had no idea this existed! It's all kinds of awesome. Dick G was the man.


Aaron said...

Shouldn't Captain Marvel be in there instead of Aquaman??

rob! said...

Shouldn't Captain Marvel be in there instead of Aquaman??

FOAM membership rescinded!