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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Random Panel of the Day #214



c´żśnical said...

Such a gross (and common) misunderstanding of Aquaman's skill set.

Still funny, though. I miss Twisted Toyfare Theater. :(

rob! said...

It is, but it makes me laugh anyway. There's something about the emotionless Mego faces saying these things that cracks me up.

Richard said...

"Sorry, my mind was wandering. I was just thinking about the ocean floor, where the pressure is 16,000 pounds per square inch. I have a vacation house there. I'd invite you over, but...oh, were you saying something, Mr. proportional strength of a spider?"

wich2 said...

Old days' Twisted MEGO Theater was even funnier! (For me, ROBOT CHICKEN has never reached the same heights...)