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Friday, January 22, 2016

Scooby-Doo Team-Up #27

"Wet 'N' Wild Part 1" by Sholly Fisch, Dario Brizuela, and Franco Riesco.

The Scooby Gang is on nice, relaxing vacation cruise. So far from land, what kind of trouble could find them here?

Of course, the answer is, a lot, because all of a sudden some sea creatures jump out of the water and climb the ship! Strangely enough, these "sea creatures" want the passengers' money and jewelry--which Daphne promptly refuses to hand over. Shortly after that, Poseidon himself emerges from the sea! Luckily for the gang, they're not alone:

Aquaman hurls his trident at "Poseidon", only for him to disappear. The sea creatures suddenly make a break for it, diving back into the water. Velma unmasks one of them, revealing these scaly beasts to be normal crooks. Aquaman chases them into the water, has Topo the octopus pals grab them. There's one still loose, but he is stopped by:

Fred finds a hologram projector laying on the sea floor, revealing where Poseidon came from. Shaggy assumes the case is solved, but Velma realizes that if all six crooks on the ship are now in custody, who was running the projector? Aquaman asks some "witnesses", aka some finny friends. They start on the trail, only to be attacked by those creepy Manta Men! That can only mean one thing...that dastardly denizen of the deep is near, Black Manta!

...To be continued!

Yes, Black Manta pulls what he calls the 1977 Play, which is kidnapping Aquaman and Mera's son. Though this time, under the sure hand of writer Sholly Fisch, I'm sure things will turn out much better for our heroes.

This isn't the Sea King's first appearance in Scooby Doo Team-Up, but it is as a solo star. About time! SDTU is the closest this Scooby fan will ever get to seeing some of the team-ups I wanted to see back in the 70s, when the Scooby Gang was meeting famous guest stars like Batman and Robin, Dick Van Dyke, Sonny and Cher, and every kid's favorite, Mama Cass Elliot. It's a really cute book and I'm glad DC publishes it. Can't wait for Part 2 next issue!


Joe Slab said...

Best Aquaman story I've read in ages! LOVE that its essentially a progression of Filmation Aquaman with Arthur & Mera now married and parents. Like rob!, I can't wait for next issue.

Anonymous said...

Man, it is so cool to see the classic, bright, cheery Aqua-family making an appearance in this day and age. That is awesome! I've always said that WB and DC are really blowing by not putting out a Brave and the Bold style Aquaman TV show in that vein.

Gareth said...

This was the best book featuring Aquaman for months! Great quick, fun read.

Luke said...

I just read this issue in its entirety after picking it up from my local comic shop. It's soooo much fun. Not only have the SDTU comics become a guilty pleasure of mine, but this Aquaman team-up rolls out the red carpet for the entire Aquaman family. Absolutely delightful. One can't help but wonder if Sholly Fisch is a huge fan of the Sea King, himself. He certainly receives some love in this issue. What I also loved about this story was how essential Mera was as a player in the outcome of events. In fact, this comic may even pass the Bechdel Test! I can't even tell you how much joy this single issue gave me. It's well worth the money, and a treat for any Aquaman fan.