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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Scooby-Doo! Team-Up #11 - Oct. 2014

Comics Weekend "A (Super) Friend In Need" by Sholly Fisch, Dario Brizuela, and Franco Riesco.

Ruh-roh! Rit's rhe Ruper Riends!

At the Hall of Justice, the Super Friends come to a startling conclusion:
Fred can't understand why the World's Greatest Superheroes need the help of the Scooby Gang, but Batman shows them why: on the HOJ's closed-circuit TV, everyone sees that one of the Rainbow Ghosts took on Superman...and made him disappear!

The others don't want the word to get out that Superman is nowhere to be seen:
The Scooby Gang dress up as Wendy, Marvin, Wonder Dog, and The Wonder Twins, and a replacement for Superman is brought in...The Maid of Might, Supergirl! Right then, the Troubalert goes off, having noticed the arrival of two more of the Rainbow Ghosts...right there in the Hall of Justice!

Aquaman and Wonder Woman go after the Purple Ghost, to no effect. What's going on here?
Another ghost then zaps Batman and Robin, and then another paralyzes Supergirl. They surround the Scooby Gang, revealing their true identities. Fred unmasks one of the ghosts, revealing it to be...The Scarecrow? Then that probably means the other ghosts are:
Ruh-roh! Ro re ronrinued!

Aquaman is all over this week's DC comics, so I decided to pick something fun, and boy was this comic that! Sholly Fisch, who wrote DC Super Friends, completely nails the classic H-B storytelling style, and this team-up makes me long for an episode of Scooby-Doo that featured the Super Friends and the Legion of Doom. That would have been better than a giant sandwich!

There's a really cute moment where all the Scooby Gang geek out over the fact that they're hanging with the Super Friends, with Daphne clearly taking a shine to Aquaman. The Sea King does really, really well with red-heads.

(Note: We Are reviewing the digital edition, the print edition was released this week)


Earth 2 Chris said...

My daughter Dani gets this via subscription, and will be stoked to see this!

Very fitting considering Super Friends spun out of the success of Scooby's two team-ups with Batman and Robin!


KJ Sampson said...

That's so funny about the Daphne/Aquaman thing. At DragonCon, one of the first pix I got as Ghetto-Fabulous Aquaman was with a gal dressed as Daphne!

Redheads, man...redheads