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Monday, August 03, 2015

Who's Who: Update '87 Volume 2

sgThe Fire and Water Podcast Presents: WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87: VOLUME 2

It's the second issue of WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87! We take a look at new and updated characters such as the Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, Doll Girl, Electric Warrior, The Flash, Fury, and more! We wrap up with your Listener Feedback!

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Xum Yukinori said...

Shag, how did you know I was driving down a highway (a very long one in New Mexico, no less) while listening to your podcast? Seems like you packaged this episode just for me…

Now that I am at my hotel with high-speed Internet, I can post a few quick thoughts:


Ch’p first appeared in a few solo “Tales of the Green Lantern Corps” back-up tales drawn by Don Newton, and he looked like an actual chipmunk in a standard-issue GL uniform (and he was so cute). He didn’t have his more cartoony appearance until Joe Staton started drawing him when he appeared in the regular GL title, and then in Green Lantern Corps, where he received his Disney-inspired costume (designed by Arisia) in issue #201.

The most awesome appearance of Ch’p in my opinion is in the Green Lantern Animated Series episode “Reboot”. Here is a clip (starts at minute 2:40).


Frances Kane:

Shag, you were right about Frances Kane using a super hero code-name, which was “Magenta” (based on the color of her costume). This happened in a two-part story in Teen Titans Spotlight #16-17. Because of her powers, it is very easy to misread (and misremember) the name as “Magneta.”

This costume first appeared in a two-page "New Teen Titans" spread in DC Sampler #2, though it was colored very differently. She actually first wore the costume (which was colored magenta and white) during the Church of Blood storyline in The New Teen Titans Baxter series -- issue #28, I think. I do not have my longboxes with me on this road trip so I cannot check for sure…

Flash III:

I had always had a problem with Jackson Guice’s anatomy in the Flash series, and this Who’s Who entry was no exception.

The idea of the coincidental nature of Wally’s origin to Barry Allen’s was actually touched on (though not clearly addressed) in the Messner-Loebs run of Flash. While I do not recall the particular issue, I do remember a scene in which Dr. Tina McGee explained to Wally her theory that when the lightning bolt struck Barry, the lightning actually consumed Barry’s body and essentially "became" Barry – referencing a paper by Jason Woodrue that connected this theory to the Alan Moore revamped Swamp Thing origin. This theory was undoubtedly a nod connected to the ending of the Secret Origins Annual #2 story whereby Barry became the actual bolt of lightning that gave him super-speed in the first place. Tina explained that “lightning Barry” (which I suppose was an “electrical avatar” that essentially resembled a human being) would explain how Barry Allen was able to do the things he could do without requiring extra food, rest, or adherence to the laws of physics. She also extrapolated that “lightning Barry” had subconsciously created the accident that gave Wally his powers, granting the wish of the 10-year old boy that wanted to be like his hero. Of course, this theory was only mentioned once...

And tying in to Rob’s comment of Who’s Who fans being "a tough bunch," I remember some letters in the original series taking issue with the Kid Flash entry in issue XII mentioning “unnamed parents” under “Known Relatives” for Wally West, reminding the Who’s Who editors of The Flash Spectacular in the 1970s (DC Special Series v1 #11) that named them for the first time, as well as re-introduced Wally’s other relatives, the Rhodes, which first appeared in The Flash v1 #152. And now in the Flash III entry, all of them are listed. (This has been noted by “Yukinceitus of the Borg of Who’s Who”…)

Xum Yukinori said...

Speaking of that Kid Flash entry, I recall back in the original podcast of issue XII Shag's theory that the brown hair color change was created in Who’s Who to explain so-called coloring mistakes (of which there were several). However, this is not the case. In The Flash v1 #138 (the first Kid Flash solo adventure after he received his new hair-revealing uniform in issue #135), it is shown that Kid Flash’s costume ring actually contained a “hair color spray feature” to change his hair color from red to brown as an additional identity safeguard (the link below is a panel from that story, which takes quite a bit of time to explain this feature to the reader while showing it in action – one has got to love those charmingly goofy silver age DC ideas and expositions).


Odds and Ends:

So, the “Diabolical Double-Space” should be an upcoming villain to design for the AquaRob Who’s Who entry…

Not sure about Roy Thomas writing humor? Was he not the writer and co-creator of the Captain Carrot series?

And I cannot take the credit for the “Geoffcon” term. I recall coming across a brilliant “War Games” Defcon-like visual on the Interwebs years ago which listed the various stages as follows:

Geoffcon 5: Timeline is safe
Geoffcon 4: Minor changes apparent
Geoffcon 3: Changes to minor characters
Geoffcon 2: Changes to major Characters
Geoffcon 1: Multiple timeline changes

Perhaps another listener knows about this image and the source. My 5-minute Google search has come up empty, so I am relying on my memory…

Brilliant show as always, gentlemen. I look forward to issue 3.

PlumZaplook said...
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PlumZaplook said...

Thank you! I found the Aquaman shrine and searched it for days. Eventually I ended up at Who's Who, and I loved Update Volume 1 so much I then went back to hear all the other Volumes.Also real thanks guys for getting useless characters like Redbee,Tomahawk, and 90% of the Legion in my head.