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Sunday, September 07, 2014

World's Finest Comics #133 - May 1963

Comics Weekend "Aquaman's New Partner--Aqua-Girl" by Jack Miller and Ramona Fradon.

It's Adventure Sunday!

Aquaman takes on a new partner!
Aquaman, not picking up on his sidekick's insecurity, tells him not to rush his recovery and stay in Atlantis. Selena is eager to get back to adventuring, leaving Merlon behind to express his worry to Aqualad. The young boy volunteers to follow them...to look out for Selena, of course!

Up on the surface, some hijackers are trying to pull off a heist, and Aquaman tells his new partner to stay out of it, he'll handle this:
...and so ends another adventure for Aquaman and Aqualad!

Selena never went adventuring again--which is only right, because she's just a girl and should only be concerned with being a proper wife to Merlon.

Fun Fact: This plot, complete with hijackers, was repurposed for an episode of Three's Company, with Atlantis being replaced by the Regal Beagle.


r duncan said...

The Regal Beagle...? Good one, Rob.

I assume you threw that in to see if anyone is actually reading Adventure Sundays. lol

Unknown said...

Viva Adventure Sunday!

How many Aquagirls are we up to at this point? I see a Shrine article in the making here.

Was Merlon played by the same actor that played Stonn in Star Trek-Amok Time on the early 60's Aquaman TV show (the one in my parallel universe mind)?

The progressive Atlantean society recognizes a woman as it's most able candidate to help Aquaman, whereas...the Shrine master spends the week on the couch after his comment go viral.

James Chatterton

Anthony said...

ARTHUR: I'm sure Selena's happy not adventuring... she knows her place is with her husband!

(Cut to: a severely annoyed Mera)

ARTHUR: Er well, you see, she didn't really want to go adventuring, it was just a ruse to marry him and...uh... (sighs) I'll go sleep on the couch.


I liked the artwork of Aquaman leaping to tackle that crook.

Good question--how many Aquagirls have there been by this point?!

Meanwhile, elsewhere on Earth-1...

Re: World's Finest: a sorcery-obsessed scientist brings supernatural creatures banished in ancient times back to Earth, hoping to kill the man engaged to the woman the scientist loves.

Ah, the early 1960s... when the only plots non-Amazonian women could do involved something to do with marriage/romance. ;-)

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Two Aqua-Girls, one Aqua-Queen, and a "Queen of the Sea" by my count.

I'm very fond of this story, as it features the first female superbeing in an Aquaman tale who could've been a viable recurring character; but alas that wasn't to be. Though if Selena faints at the sound of a gunshot, maybe it was for the best.

I think it would be interesting to take some of these one-shot pre-Crisis characters, one each from the histories of the seven original Justice Leaguers, and have them form their own ersatz JLA.

Earth 2 Chris said...

With both Superman and Batman having female companions at this point, it's odd that one of these Aquagirls didn't stick.

The panel where Selena says "Phew" and looks so worn out shows Fradon's mastery of character acting. Just adorable.

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