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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Random Panel of the Day #877



Andy Luckett said...

I kinda want to see the lost panel after this one where everyone turns to Arthur with a look like, "We know, dude. You always suggest a pool."

Earth 2 Chris said...

Flash adds "Well, then I want a track!"


Joseph Brian Scott said...

"A disco, maybe?" piped up the Phantom Stranger.

Anthony said...

BATMAN: "We need a library...with lots of detective novels."

SUPERMAN: "I want a gym... um, a *super*-gym."

WONDER WOMAN: "I want a Grecian-style garden, with lots of statues and artwork."

Randy said...

I remember seeing a map of the JLA Satellite that showed all the decks and rooms. When it was the one for The Pool it said in parentheses (For Aquaman). Like he is the only one who would use it.