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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Random Panel of the Day #875



Earth 2 Chris said...

Is that supposed to be the real Aqualad? Is this from his pre-fro days? If so, I must, for this instance, withdraw my defense of Curt Swan. Because Garth (if that is him) looks like Alfred E. Neuman's uglier cousin.


Anthony said...

Yep, it's Garth... From my usual source for the Superboy story descriptions, this one was in "Jimmy Olsen" #78: "The FBI considers Jimmy Olsen for a security check and has Superman and Aqualad run a test on him to prove his loyalty, by disguising Aqualad as a new Jimmy Olsen Fan Club member who “replaces” Jimmy as Superman’s pal."

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Somewhere Pete Ross is feeling like he got punched in the gut.

Maybe Aqualad is still supposed to be in makeup or something.