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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

DC Signature Collection: Ocean Master

Mattel's DC Signature Collection line of action figures released an Ocean Master a few weeks ago, making Orm the third member of the Aqua-Family (after Aquaman and Black Manta) to be represented. It's a handsome figure, and it seemed to inspire Aqua-Fans to pose Orm in funny shots, like these three from F.O.A.M.er Ryan Daly:
...am I the only one who hears the music from the "Bread and Circuses" episode of Star Trek when looking at this last photo?

F.O.A.M.er Kevin Scanlan used his Orm in a slightly more positive manner, in that he was enlisted to guard Kevin's pet fish Ganthet while his tank was being cleaned:
Who knows, maybe now that Orm is out of Belle Reve, he'll get off the whole "Destroy All Humanity" thing and go get a job and settle down. Thanks for the pics guys!


DotD said...

*Laughs* Dammit Rob! Quit posting this stuff I cant afford it all :) *Adds it to the list*

Rock Roche said...

Great shots

Earth 2 Chris said...

This is a great looking figure, but is the color scheme correct? I guess I'm still thinking of the black pants/purple shirt look, which is more striking.


Joseph Brian Scott said...

Tridents are THE fashion accessory this season.