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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Atlantis Chonicles Ad

The Atlantis Chronicles series didn't get a lot ad love from DC; this is the only ad I've ever come across. And while it's beautifully drawn (of course it is, it's by Esteban Maroto!), it really doesn't tell you anything about the story, and a bunch of guys standing around is hardly the most exciting visual to use as a selling point for such a blatantly uncommercial project. Still, nice to see any ad for this underrated series.

And truth be told, I didn't even come across this ad, actually--it was sent in by newest F.O.A.M. member Andrew Kolvek. Andrew sent it to me a few years(!) ago, but I wanted to try and find a better scan, promptly forgetting all about it. Andrew then followed up last week with this perfectly useable version, so he gets double F.O.A.M.er points for sheer dogged determination. Thanks Andrew, and welcome to F.O.A.M.!

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Joseph Brian Scott said...

I really liked a lot of the little touches in this series that helped bring life to the feeling that this was an underwater society, like the turtle shell shields and the way some of the soldiers with longer hair wear weights in it to keep it from floating across their faces.