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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia

If you love the DC Super-Pets, you will *love* the DC Super Pets Character Encyclopedia!

The DCSPCE is a huge (11x9") Who's Who-style album cataloging all the various Super-Pets that have been appearing in Capstone's superb line of kids books. Featuring art by the incomparable Art Baltazar, the book features the canine, feline, equine, and marine sidekicks of our favorite heroes, which of course includes Aquaman:
But that's not all--the book also features a brief history of DC's animal heroes, a concept that stretches back almost as far as the company itself:

The Super Villain pets are also covered, and there's also a handy-dandy size chart so you budding artists know how each of them all relate to one another:
As you all know, the Aquaman Shrine is a huge fan of all these Capstone/DC books. We think they're completely adorable, visually stunning, and they give the Aquaman Family an equal chance to shine (even Aqualad got his own book!). This newest effort is probably the best yet; combining all the fun elements from the other books but adding a healthy dose of nerdy obsession with DC Universe minutiae. I can totally see a young kid being as obsessed with this book, pouring over it page by page, as I was (was?) with Who's Who.

With the holiday season not all that far away (gulp!), the DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia would make an exceptional gift for the young superhero fan in your life. And if you use this Amazon link, you can throw the Shrine a couple of gold pieces in the process:

A sincere thanks to the fine folks at Capstone who were kind enough to send a copy of this book to Shrine Central!


BlUsKrEEm said...

So are you going to cover this on Who's Who after Star Trek?

Earth 2 Chris said...

^YES!!! I'd love to hear that!

My wife ordered two copies of this, one for the library she works at, and one for our family. We can't wait.


Russell said...

This is adorable. And not knowing about this is what happens when I stop hanging out at my local bric and mortar bookstore. :-(
But Rob!
I can't believe you didn't mention Salty the Aqua-Dog!! Is this for real!?!?
How cool is it that DC (or Capstone) used your name for him!?!

Anthony said...

Yeah, I noticed the "Salty" named used as well!

Also of interest: the Zoo Crew's in that final group shot! Though pretty sure they'd insist they're nobody's "pets"... ;-)

Doug said...

. . .but where's Captain Carrot?!?

Anonymous said...

I assure you that Captain Carrot is accounted for! :)

Joe Slab said...

Yep! I was emailing with Geoff last year and he confirmed that he used the Shrine's poll winning name for Salty!

Joe Slab

Joe Slab said...

Yep! I was emailing with Geoff last year and he confirmed that he used the Shrine's poll winning name for Salty!

Joe Slab

Russell said...

Is this the cyber equivalent of having our collective name in a letter column? :-)

Laurie . Sutton said...

I had the honor of reading this book before publication because I was assigned to proofread it! What a fun gig! The book is clever, funny, and downright gorgeous.

Diabolu Frank said...

Congratulationsd on "Salty." This type of internet influence isn't entirely new. Scipio Garling managed to get his "Apex City" into a reference book, even though in that case "Middletown" was already named in-story, and the basis for the Middleton, CO retcon. Anyway, looking forward to this, though I'm more concerned about Zook & Jumpa...

Joe Slab said...

@Frank & Russell

Yes, it is a feather in our cap! It wasn't an officially DC sponsored contest but Geoff was at liberty to pick Aquadog's name and he chose to go with our winner!

Martin Gray said...

That looks brilliant -and how lovely to see the real Topo!

pblfsda said...

Salty Dog? So, is Geoff Johns a Procol Harum fan?

Arthur Canning said...

Gotta say - that is incredibly cool - Your blog gets a lot of respect, and has sure done it's part in the elevation of the character - well done - Cheers to Salty - - Arthur C.(Swamp Thing Blog from the Bog)