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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DC Super-Pets: Deep-Sea Duel

A few months ago Capstone Books--maker of fine Aquaman-related tomes--was kind enough to send the Shrine a sneak peek at their newest DC Super Pets installment, Deep Sea Duel, starring Aqualad. Now that the book has been released, we can offer a glimpse inside!

Aquaman is throwing a family reunion, and everyone's invited (uh-oh!):

While at the party, Aqualad meets Mera's niece Nicoletta, who professes to be one of his biggest fans--causing Garth to blush. He offers to take Nicoletta to Blackbeard's Knoll, which supposedly is filled with haunted pirate ships. Nicoletta readily agrees to go on the adventure.

Mera isn't sure about letting them go, but Aquaman talks his Queen into agreeing--but not before they insist their shark pal Geoffrey go along for protection:
Just moments after Aqualad and Nicoletta depart, the one missing member of the family arrives for the party--Aquaman's half-brother Orm, aka Ocean Master, flanked by his two swordfish sidekicks, Johnny and Joey.

Meanwhile, Aqualad and Nicoletta explore Blackbeard's Knoll. After getting scared by the spooky skeletons, they decide to head home. Back in Atlantis, Ocean Master has let his brother aware of his presence, and how:

Aqualad and Nicolette see what has happened, and stay out of sight until they can formulate a plan. Aqualad makes a frontal assault on Orm, while Nicoletta and their fish pals go after Ocean Master's henchmen. After a quick fight, Aqualad gets close to Ocean Master:
Johnny and Joey try to help their master by lunging at Aqualad, but they miss and end up pinning Orm via his cape to the royal throne, pinning him to it. Aquaman decides to resume the party, leaving Orm and his pals to watch. The End!Like all the DC Super Pets books, Deep Sea Duel is a ton of fun: a cute story (by John Sazaklis) that hits all the marks in terms of a classic Aquaman adventure, brought to life by the always delightful visuals of Art Baltazar. For Aquaman fans, the book is a must-have--even if you don't have kids!

You can buy your own copy of Deep Sea Duel on Amazon by clicking below, which throws a few doubloons the Shrine's way:

Bonus! Tomorrow we'll be featuring an interview with the writer of Deep Sea Duel, John Sazaklis! Be here!


Joseph Brian Scott said...

Cute finny funness!

Michael Holloway said...

I love Aquaman's comment to Aqualad, "Be careful and be back before dessert..."

Now surely he meant dinner, right? ;)

I could imagine Mera's stern lecture about this.