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Monday, March 26, 2012

DC Super-Pets: Deep-Sea Duel

Last week the Shrine posted a recap of Capstone's Black Manta and The Octopus Army, part of their line of DC Super-Villains chapter books. Between that book, Deepwater Disaster, and Heroes on the High Seas (part of the DC Super-Pets series), Capstone has gotten Aquaman in front of more little kids than your average season of Super Friends. And now they're doing it again!

Capstone sent me this cover preview of the next Aqua-centric book in the DC Super-Pets series, Deep-Sea Duel, again drawn by the incomparable Art Baltazar and apparently starring Aqualad! Aww, yeah!

Deep-Sea Duel is scheduled for release this Summer, and of course the Shrine will have a full-length recap once it's available. Stay tuned, Aqua-Fans!

1 comment:

Orin's dad said...

Black Manta and Ocean Master are both featured in these books? Wow! That is just awesome! Gotta love Capstone for all the Aqua-love they're showing with these books.
Loved the Black Manta book, and can't wait for this one too!