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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

DC Super Friends HeroWorld Aquaboat

This brand-new Aquaboat, part of the DC Super Friends/HeroWorld line, was purchased by F.O.A.M.er Brent Almond for his son (yeah, his son), so the Shrine will let him explain what it's all about:

I'd seen this toy on the Fisher-Price site forever, so when it finally showed up on Amazon, I snapped it up. Overall a very cool figure and boat (it's amazing how they can make so many different versions of a figure within the same line — DC Super Friends, in this case) but here are the pros and cons:


  • Love the size of the figure, and the extra little points of articulation (wrists, elbows).
  • Cool chunky boots (but no fins) keep him standing up easily.
  • Boat has a cool grippy/claw thing that swings out and propels it a bit in the water.
  • Boat matches his costume! :)
  • Bath toy!


  • Not that I need another trident, but the bandaged harpoon hand seems a bit odd. Guess the designer was a Peter David fan.
  • As you can tell from a couple of the photos, I'm not really sure how Aquaman is supposed to ride in his "vehicle" — there are pegs for his hands, but to use them he'd have to lay on his back. And if you sit him up, he's got too much leg room and nothing to hold on to.

This is the second Aqua-Sub the Sea King has received as part of the DC Super Friends line, I guess the DCSF research tells them kids want Aquaman to have a boat! Thanks Brent!


Unknown said...

Added to my Amazon wishlist! I need this for my shrine!

connorsdad said...

Maybe he's supposed to lay on his tummy!