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Monday, May 19, 2008

DC Super Friends Aqua Sub by Mattel - 2008


I had no idea this beauty was even out yet, until I received an email from our newest F.O.A.M. member, Steve Leach, who told me he saw them for sale at his local Target, and asked if I had picked one up yet.

I hadn't--like I said, I didn't even know they were out yet. And besides, I must live in an area with a high Comic Book Guy population, since it normally takes me months to find anything other than the most easily-found action figures/toys at all.

I figured that, when the Aqua Sub came out, I would simply have to wait for a long time until I could get one for myself. But Steve came to the rescue!

He offered to pick one up for me if I wanted him to, and of course I said yes. Little did I dream that Steve would go the extra mile (miles, actually) and pick one up for me that day, and have it in the mail to me the very next morning!

And to make it even cooler, when the package arrived on Thursday, I found inside, along with the sweet, sweet Aqua Sub, some other orange and green bric-a-brac like comics and trading cards! Great Neptune, this is better than Christmas!

As you can see from the photos, its an adorably cute little ship, and the thing even floats in water. How cool is that?

I am so jazzed that Aquaman is getting his own vehicle/playset, the first time Aquaman has been given such treatment since Mego's Aquaman Vs. The Great White Shark set. This is just a guess, but I would think this means the Aquaman figure sold pretty well, and Mattel thought an accessory vehicle would do well, too. At least, I hope that's what it means.

In any case, the line must be doing well, since they're adding on to it. As you can also see from the photos, two new characters--Hawkman and Cyborg--are on the way.

So thanks Steve, welcome to F.O.A.M! And if you'll all excuse me, I'm off to go fill my bathtub with water...

Curious Fact: I got an email from an Aqua Fan named
John concerning a recently-purchased Aqua Sub, and he told me the same thing Steve did.

Namely, that when he went to the Target cashier to purchase the sub, there was no pre-set code for the item in the computer, as if the store's inventory wasn't "aware" it actually had the Aqua Sub in stock.

Could the Aqua Sub become a super-hot item? They're currently selling for around $20-$25 on eBay. Let's hope it inspires Mattel to create more Aquaman-related items!

I'd buy a DC Super Friends Aqua Cave Playset, wouldn't you?

Fun Fact! The Aqua Sub is the first new addition to the
Aquaman Timeline.


Anonymous said...

And when are we going to see pics of you in the bathtub with your new toys?

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! And the funny thing is, the exact same thing happened to me! I went to Target trying to get another Aquaman figure and stumbled onto the Sub, which I, too, had no idea was out yet! (I even took pics that I was going to send you tonight to alert you, Rob!) And my Target didn't have it in *their* system, either! I had happened to notice the price of the Batcycle was $13.99, so that's the price they gave me for this. Major Score!!!

Adama said...

DUDE! I am literally getting up from my desk to go check my local Target RIGHT THIS SECOND.

...you know, at this rate, I'm going to have more Aquaman bric-a-brac than I do Green Arrow...

Adama said...


I had the same problem Russell had. Target apparently has no idea these things are on the shelf, so I got it for what the Batcycle cost..

Kidbilly said...

My Target SUCKS! I've been a few times trying to find new Aquaman stuff, but NONE! Damn. It'd be nice to pay shelf price for something instead of having to big on it on ebay or pay too much on Amazon. I'm going to check again this week. I did get a great price on the Smallville Aquaman action figure. I'm more into the classic Aquaman with short hair (ala my big ass Aquaman tatto), but I liked the guy on Smallville. I wish the show had been picked up.

Steve said...

Hey, glad you like it! It's an awesome toy.

Anonymous said...

Smallville Aquaman???? Tell us more, tell us more....!!

Tegan said...

You get all the good readers. No one sends me Aqua-subs (and believe me, I'm jealous!)


The Irredeemable Shag said...

That looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!

I'd be all over an Aqua Cave playset!!!

The Irredeemable Shag

Anonymous said...

I've got an extra one I was going to send Rob if somebody wants it. I'm just asking for the price I paid ($13.99) and whatever postage rate you want to pay. Send me an email through Rob if you're interested.