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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Batman: Gotham Knights #18 - Aug. 2001

sgComics Weekend This was an unusual little story, courtesy writer Devin Grayson and artists Roger Robinson and John Floyd, behind a very nifty cover by Brian Bolland (as usual).

Batman is having a quiet night, so he sits in the Batcave, brooding as he always does.

He then gets a video message from Aquaman, who was calling to express condolences (or something) related to Commissioner Gordon, presumably tying into a Bat-storyline going on at the time.

Anyway, Bats is his usual charming self, and when he tries to cut Aquaman off with a terse "I have rounds", Arthur sees that and raises it
(I hope Mark Waid gets a royalty every time someone refers to that "I have to look out for 75% of the world's surface" line of his from Kingdom Come)

Bats then tries to talk to Oracle and Nightwing, both of whom basically say "yeah, nothing's going on", although Nightwing does it in substantially less cordial terms. He then goes out, busts some low-level crooks heads, and then takes a tour of Wayne Manor...in his bat-suit. Weird.

He then calls Aquaman back, and asks him for help. It seems due to the then-recent earthquakes, a few of his mementos have fallen down a crevice, and are now underwater.

One of those is the giant penny, which of course means a lot to him. Aquaman heads down and tries to get it out, but after a few tries to dislodge it, tells Bats what he already knows--that penny ain't going anywhere
Kind of a goofy ending to a weird, downbeat story, but I like the idea of Arthur and Bruce spending time together watching movies and drinking beer.


Scurvy said...

That's an odd tale indeed? So what's with the penny anyway? Is it still gone?

Diabolu Frank said...

I liked Roger Robinson. Shame he seems to have moved on from comics.

Bubbashelby said...

I remember that story.

I'm sure at some point later on, Bats had Superman fish the penny out.