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Monday, April 15, 2013

Random Panel of the Day #724



Randy Meyer said...

Couldn't Superman just squeeze a bunch of lumps of coal? After he fulfills his obligation he could always 'rub them the wrong way' back into coal at super-speed.

The shyster will never know the difference!! ;)

r duncan said...

Awesome choice for today, Rob. Awesome.

rob! said...

Thanks Rick. I found it a few months ago and I decided right then that I was just going to sit on it until today.

Anthony said...

Nice choice for today!

Randy: It wasn't a shyster, but an actual IRS agent that demanded a billion in back taxes! (And the squeeze-coal-into-diamonds trick was temporarily unavailable in the story due to an earlier plot point...).

The panel's from the early 60s tale "Superman Owes a Billion Dollars," which was a re-telling (with more updated elements added, such as Aquaman's appearance) of the late 50s story "Superman's Billion Dollar Debt." Multiverse-sorters assume that the earlier version (minus Aquaman and some Silver Age elements) was an Earth-2 version of the events here. (Ditto other Superman recycled-from-an-earlier-issue plots used during this time...)

Shellhead said...

So did Aquaman help him out or not?
Did he appear beyond this panel?

Anthony said...

Aquaman helped Superman out (and appears in one more panel) by finding Superman a giant clam, which Supes uses (via some solution of Prof. Potter's) to create a giant pearl.