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Friday, January 06, 2012

Aquaman Sales - December 2011

Hey Aqua-Fans, check it out! Not only is Aquaman on the cover of the #1 best-selling comic of December, but his solo book placed at #14, the highest ranking the series has yet achieved--which means its gaining readers as it goes on!

Congrats all around to DC and specifically the Aqua-Team of Johns, Reis, Prado, and Reis!


Joe Slab said...


Also cool that AQUAMAN is in the Top 10 of all DC Comics publications, probably for the 1st time in history.

While most of the New 52 are experiencing significant sales decreases, AQUAMAN is experiencing INCREASES in sales :D

Great work getting the word out FOAMers!

Joe Slab

r duncan said...

Rob, of course, deserves a great deal of credit for this goods news.

rob! said...

Rick-I assume you're pulling my leg... :)

Deano said...

I am one of them new readers. Never touch a comic book in my life and this new rendition of Aquaman is my first.

Jared M. said...

I think this is the highest spot on that list ANY aquaman comic has EVER been...EVER!

So happy about this. The last 2 months actually showed a decline in sales numbers so this turn around is great news!!!

@dean: welcome aboard! :)