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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ideal Super Queens Ad - 1967

F.O.A.M.er Joe Mello sent in this ad of the 1967 line of Super Queens dolls from Ideal!

Technically, the line was called Comic Heroines (as you can see in the ad), but everyone calls them Super Queens and who am I to argue? Consisting of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, and Mera(!), the line was Ideal's attempt to get girls to buy superhero dolls, which was a giant flop.

For that reason, the SQs are extremely rare, and go for thousands upon thousands of dollars when they show up for sale, which is almost never (you can read an account of my one encounter with a Super Queens Mera here). The dolls themselves are a little dodgy, but the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. On top of that, Mera is one of the Holy Grails of Aquaman Collecting, since post-Filmation, she almost never showed up on merchandise, a fact that stayed true for almost thirty years. (BTW, I love the background for this ad--it looks somebody dug out an old Colorforms set and posed the SQs in front of it)

Someday, when I've signed the deal for the Ace Kilroy movie, I'd love to get one of these babies for myself. Until then, this ad will have to do...

Thanks Joe!


Anonymous said...

They gave Wonder Woman Cap's shield!

Diabolu Frank said...

Hah! I was going to say the same thing. Guess she was moonlighting with another Steve!

How much better would these have sold if the dolls were dressed as their pictured alter egos instead?

Designer Daddy said...

Wait, when did Batgirl have blue hair?!?

Joseph Brian Scott said...

I dunno, I almost like these better than the Mego Batgirl and Wonder Woman I had when I was a kid. They're cuter; this Batgirl especially has a great figure. And of course Mera and her flippers would have been a real prize. Did they actually throw in a Krypto or is that just illustrative coloratura for the ad? Any sets with a Krypto must be extremely dear.

Earth 2 Chris said...

Krypto was reused from the Captain Action Superman costume set. Oddly enough, Superboy's Captain Action/Action Boy costume DIDN'T come with Krypto!

I think Mera is the nicest of the Super Queens. They all are very charming, but Batgirl had either black or blond hair, and Wonder Woman had brown hair (and Cap's shield!). Only Sueprgirl and Mera were really accurate to the comics.

Still, I'd love to have ANY of these!!!

Wings1295 said...

Guess every collection and collector has to have one item that will, probably, remain forever out of reach. That way, you are never truly done collecting!

Anonymous said...


There's a member of the (great) Captain Action Yahoo Group who does (terrific) repro Super Queens.

Come on over, if interested.

Happy Holidays,

Anonymous said...

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