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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Random Panel of the Day #321



Randy Meyer said...

"I'm tossing baby Artie up in the air right now, Mera. Tell him I'm busy. No, wait, I forgot that you can't, hon. Sorry. I'll tell him myself"

Anthony said...

ARTHUR: (to the shark) "Look, Jabberjaw---I don't talk to fish! That makes me cool and stuff! Look at the sales!"

(Cut to the shark, looking glum)

ARTHUR: "Uh..."

(Shark somehow manages to pull off a "cute kitten" look a la Shrek's "Puss in Boots")

ARTHUR: (Giving up) "Oh, *fine*! I'll talk! But if sales drop, Geoff Johns will have my head!"

Russell said...

Land Shark!!!