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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Justice League #2 - Nov. 2011

Comics Weekend "Part Two" by Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams.

As most of you know by now, Aquaman isn't going to appear in Justice League until issue #4, but there's still some fun stuff going on in this title! We'll make it brief--appropriate, since The Flash makes his debut!

This issue picks up right where #1 left off, with Green Lantern on the receiving end of a Man of Steel-sized can of hurt, leaving Batman face-to-face with him:
Most of the first half of this issue is a big fight between Superman and Green Lantern, with Batman trying to get them to stand down. GL calls in his friend Barry as reinforcements, and after initially refusing (since the Central City PD are on the hunt for the mysterious speedster), he shows up to give his pal and Batman (who GL calls "a tool", which I have to admit made me laugh) some "breathing room":
This is a fun sequence, with Superman unable to lay a hand on The Flash--which to me is as it should be: Superman is really fast, but The Flash is faster.

But of course Supes gets one in on The Flash, and Batman gets the moment to calm everyone the hell down. As they investigate what we know are pieces of technology from Apokolips, writer Geoff Johns has Hal and Barry indulge in some classic comedy team-esque banter:
Suddenly, the boxes explode! Out of them both come hordes of Para-Demons, and at his father's lab, young Victor Stone gets caught in the conflagration:
...to be continued!

I liked this issue considerably more than the first; the storytelling is, for me, still too drawn out, but I'm happy to see more piece of the JLA puzzle in place, and I genuinely laughed at Hal and Barry's interplay; I had forgotten how much I missed the breezy rapport many members of the DCU had. After so many years of everyone being so mad all the time, it's great to see Hal and Barry as happy-go-lucky superheroes. Let's hope it lasts!


JasonMotesBowles said...

I agree, this was more satisfying than the first. I almost think issue one should have been double sized with this included. It would have been much better that way. Issue 1 was too light.

Orin's dad said...

I also liked this issue a lot more than #1. The interplay between the characters was great. I laughed out loud a couple of times. If the book keeps getting stronger like this every month it's gonna be awesome by the time Aquaman shows up. :-)

Count Drunkula said...

I agree with just about everything that's been said. I enjoyed this issue. I like that the cast is inflating in a way that--for the most part--feels organic and natural.

However, Rob, I'm thinking we'll see before issue #4, even if it's on the very last page of #3.

Russell said...

My issue has a different cover, with Superman and Batman fighting while GL is trying to "chain" up the man of steel. It was the only one in my shop, so is *this* cover the variant, or is mine?!?!

rob! said...

Jason, OD-

Yeah, I thought there was a distinct uptick in quality and fun from issue 1 to 2. I was very happy to see that!


I hope you're right!


The one I posted is the variant (one of three, actually). You can probably guess why I used it!