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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The New 52: Week 5!

For the final time, the Aquaman Shrine staff are giving you our preview picks for the most anticipated of the weekly bunch of New 52s, which just happens to include a little book called Aquaman. Take it away guys!
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Its the biggest week of the New 52 for me and not only is Aquaman #1 number one on my list, but I hope to get some extra copies and aqua-evangelize by leaving them in conspicuous places throughout the town such as Starbucks etc. The 70th Birthday post has inspired me to help introduce the Sea King to people who are not yet fans...besides that I can't pass up on Arthur's Justice League colleagues and will get Superman, The Flash, Hawkman, & Firestorm as well as the team books New Guardians, Teen Titans (sans Aqualad) and will give Blackhawks a chance as well. Semper Aqua! -- Joe Slab

Are there other comics coming out this week than Aquaman? There are? Okay, well, I know I'll be picking up All-Star Western (I like Jonah Hex a lot, but am hoping maybe DC will eventually work in other western characters into the book as well), probably Fury of Firestorm (thanks to the enthusiasm of my Fire and Water Podcast co-host The Irredeemable Shag), and definitely The Savage Hawkman. I've always loved the Hawks, and I want them to have a regular book! -- rob!

All-Star Western: I dunno. I read Jonah Hex but his character is as a loner/bounty-hunter. Not liking the idea of him living in Gotham City. Probably try it and then drop it. JLA Dark: maybe. I'll check out the art. I really liked Shadowpact until Bill W left...the idea is cool. I want to like this.
Aquaman!!!-- Russell Burbage

Aquaman--Was there ever any doubt? The Flash--The concept of Flash's brain functions operating at super-speed intrigues me. The Savage Hawkman--I'm a sucker for Hawkman stuff. -- Andy Luckett

So, what are you picking up this week, Aqua-Fans?


Shellhead said...

Just Aquaman and New Guardians for me. Guess which one I'll be reading first.

El Ka-Bong! said...

Picking up Aquaman, New Guardians, Justice League Dark, Teen Titans, Voodoo and I, Vampire (my wife is a fan of the vampire movement and strongly hinted that I should pick it up this week when I go).

Anonymous said...

Aquaman! And JL Dark for Zatanna and Madame Xanadu!

Wings1295 said...

I am getting Aquaman, of course, as well as Flash, Justice League Dark, The Savage Hawkman and Superman. :)

Orin's dad said...

I'm picking up Aquaman (naturally), and Savage Hawkman.

images2icons said...

I love how many peeps have taken to my catch phrase Semper Aqua~! Its so appropriate.