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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Aquaman on the Web: Geoff Johns on Aquaman

Over on Newsarmama is an in-depth interview with Geoff Johns, just about Aquaman! Dive in, Aqua-Fans!

My favorite quote? This: "
And everyone's heard of Aquaman." Yep!

Update: And here's another Johns talk, this time with CBR, also all about Aquaman!


Wings1295 said...

Both interviews are great, very positive and have my hopes up very high for a great, long Aquaman run!

Batman X said...

Aqualad and Aquagirl? Ocean Master and Black Manta? Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis? Sold.

Andy Luckett said...

The more I read about Geoff John's take on Aquaman the more I feel he gets him. There were a lot of great quotes in these interviews, but I especially like the idea that Aquaman protects the land from the sea and vice versa, and acts as an ambassador and intermediary between the two. I hope they really explore that in the new series.