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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Aquaman's 70th Birthday Celebration Continues!

Phil Jimenez, writer/artist, Tempest: "So anyone that knows my work knows how important Aquaman and his world have been to me. I promise not to get too sentimental on his birthday, but I will say this--I can think of few characters out there who are as cool, and as underestimated, as Aquaman; few comic book worlds as awesome as Aquaman's homebase of Atlantis and the undersea "universe" he protects; few characters in comics as grand and Shakespearean; and very few that inspire such passion and vision in their fans (including one Neal Pozner, who found exceptional truths in Aquaman he was able to explore in the famous miniseries he wrote (and wherein he designed Aquaman's famous blue/white costume) in the mid 1980's).

And let's face it--no other super-hero has a kid partner as sweet and as awesomely powerful as Tempest, a personal favorite of mine (for obvious reasons).

I think the other Super Friends should have felt jealous of Wonder Woman every time she got to fly Aquaman around in her invisible jet. Just sayin'!

So happy birthday, Aquaman. You and yours inspired my best work in the business and my most personal work to date -- and for that I thank you. I wish you the best birthday this month, and many, many more to come!"

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Wings1295 said...

Great addition to the well wishes for Arthur!