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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Aquaman Shrine on Twitter

Aquaman creative team keeps the Aquaman Shrine updated via Twitter!
by Joe Slab

Last week was a huge week for the Aquaman Shrine in many ways: Original posts by rob! and I focusing on the possibilities offered by the new DCU, recaps on several Aquaman appearances in comic books from Flashpoint to the All-New Batman: The Brave & the Bold, rob! talking with James Tucker about the funny & sweet "The Currys of Atlantis", graphic art depicting Aquaman as a Green Lantern, and...a number of updates on the upcoming Aquaman ongoing book from members of its creative team!

On Thursday evening, I was able to live chat with series colorist Rod Reis about both the color of Mera's eyes and his commitment to producing a visually stunning book for Aqua-fans. Rod was kind enough to invite us back for future chats via his twitter feed and we will certainly be taking him up on the offer. Later in the week, after returning home from the Green Lantern movie premiere, inker Joe Prado checked in with our twitter feed after we informed him that Aquaman ranked #5 out of the 52 #1s coming from DC in September in terms of fan excitement according recent survey of over 10,000 readers. Joe simply exclaimed "Yeah!" and followed up with "Its going to be cool! Trust us!" Indeed we do, Mr. Prado, we've seen your previous work!

Finally, Geoff Johns, the man responsible for shepherding Aquaman back from comics oblivion in Blackest Night and who took the Sea King back to his roots in Brightest Day chimed in to echo Joe's sentiment and confirmed that the whole team, including penciler Ivan Reis (who is a Twitter hold-out), are doing their best to make Aquaman an amazing book for everyone to enjoy. Geoff followed up with a tease that Aquaman will be a different take than standard super-hero fare and that the way in which it is different will be clearly evident in the 1st issue. What does he mean by this? Your guess is as good as ours, but its a safe bet to say it won't involve hooks or swords. Lastly, Geoff reaffirmed that his and our favorite Sea Queen will be central to the series by simply adding "Plus #Mera."

As if that wasn't enough, the Shrine hit dual milestones reaching 1,000 friends on Facebook and 500 followers on Twitter virtually on the same day! If you are not following @aquamanshrine on Twitter, you are definitely missing out on an enhanced Aqua-fan experience. While the blog brings you "All Things Aquaman" in depth, the Twitter feed brings you "All Things Aquaman All The Time" with real time updates, news, previews of upcoming blog posts, links, art, and commentary that would simply overwhelm Blogger's capacity if rob! was to cover them all. Another added benefit of following is the building of the Aquaman fan and pro community through reciprocal tweeting, re-tweeting, and following. rob! and I take care to respond personally to many of the feed's followers who share their opinions, tips, or ask Aqua-related questions, and they themselves are linked via Twitter to other Aquaman fans that they may not have known existed.

This being a historic year for Aquaman in terms of both his 70th anniversary and a new solo series, rob! has plans to build up the Aquaman Shrine even further. We are thankful to all FOAMers both new and old and hope that you will dive in with us as there is more coming from the Aquaman Shrine than ever before!

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Wings1295 said...

Great milestones all around!

In words that fit the situation, I go to Dory and say we all will "Just keep swimming!"