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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aqua-Report by Joe Slab: Live-Chat with Rod Reis!

sgWelcome to the Shrine's first Aqua-Report!

An Aqua-Report is just like a Guest Post, except it comes from Shrine Correspondent Joe Slab. I thought Joe, who works tirelessly for the Shrine, deserved to stop being called a "guest." This is a genuine report from the field! If I'm Perry White, Joe is Lois Lane, except he doesn't fall out of buildings nearly as much.

Anyway, Joe just participated in a live-chat with DC Comics colorist Rod Reis, and of course they talked Aquaman! Here's what happened:

Live-Chat with Rod Reis

sgThe Aquaman Shrine had the pleasure of live-chatting last evening with Aquaman colorist Rod Reis via Ustream as he displayed his coloring techniques to a live internet audience. In the comic book artistic trio of penciler, inker, and colorist, the colorist's work is too often overlooked by both pros and fans alike.This is certainly not the case with the Aquaman creative team however, as both Ivan Reis (pencils) & Joe Prado (inks) are quick to give high praise to their colorist of choice Rod Reis whenever they are given the chance. Rod's beautiful color work can be seen throughout the Brightest Day series on Ivan Reis' variant covers such as the already iconic #1 featuring Aquaman & the zombie sharks, and most recently on the upcoming variant cover to Flashpoint #3 featuring Emperor Aquaman by George Perez.

After expressing our heightened anticipation to see his work in the undersea universe on the pages of Aquaman this September, we asked Rod a question that we think every colorist working on an Aquaman book should know: "Do you know what color Mera's eyes are?" Rod replied "I think green, right?" Gotcha! We politely used this opportunity to inform Mr. Reis (and just in a nick of time) that Mera's eyes are blue, but that it is a common mistake to color them green (i.e. the differing eye colors of Mera in Blackest Night [blue] and Brightest Day [green]).

Rod graciously & sincerely thanked us for the tip and promised "I'll color them properly on the new Aquaman book!" Again, we took the time to express our excitement regarding the all-star team of himself, Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, & Joe Prado working on the Sea King's solo title to which Rod confidently predicted "I am sure you will like this book!" Given the amazing talent this guy was showing off on the video stream while we chatted, that may end up being the understatement of the year!

Some transcripts of our conversation can be found in the Shrine's Twitter feed timeline and if you're on Twitter be sure to follow Rod as well @rodreis! Rod's primary language is Portuguese but he also tweets in English, especially when its regarding his comic book work.


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Very cool!

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This is so exciting!!!