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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Batman Beyond #3 - May 2011

Comics Weekend "The Heart of the Matter" by Adam Beechen, Ryan Benjamin, and John Stanisci.

Whew! Busy Comics Weekend day today!

Anyway, when last we left Batman and the Justice League (in Batman Beyond #2) they were facing off the newly-minted Matter Master.

With his amazing powers more than his addled mind can handle, Matter Master is pretty brutal when facing off against Big Barda, Micron, Warhawk and, inevitably, Aquagirl:
With the help of Bruce Wayne talking in his ear, Batman finds a way to knock Matter Master off his feet long enough to be able to get the JLA to help him. Using all their powers together, they cause Matter Master to overload himself, so much so he ends up transmuting into some sort of metal. He dies there, on the ground, using his last words to insult the heroes who took him down.

Later, after all the potential victims are taken care of, Aquagirl shows she's got some of the old man's moxie by offering Batman membership in the League, over Warhawk's heated objections:

To be continued?

With Batman becoming a member of the League, it leads one to think that they will be somewhat regular characters in this new Batman Beyond book. While what I've read so far is perfectly good, I've never been that big a fan of the BB concept, so I think I'll be passing on this book if Aquagirl isn't in it. But I'll keep my eye out...

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