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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Batman Beyond #2 - April 2011

Comics Weekend "The Heart of the Matter" by Adam Beechen, Ryan Benjamin, and John Stanici.

The first issue of the new Batman Beyond series (sent in by F.O.A.M.er Joe Huber)
featured a guest appearance by the then-version of the JLA, and that means Aquagirl!

That issue ended with Batman facing off against the JLA, who are both trying to apprehend an employee of the watchtower who has gone mad with power when they got a hold of some super-villain technology. This second issue starts off with Bruce Wayne giving Terry advice on how to deal with the team of heroes: start with the most powerful one, and...
Batman defeats Macron and Big Barda, while taunting Warhawk (who is unable to fly at the moment). Bruce then warns Terry he still has "the toughest one to face"...Aquagirl!
This stops Batman...for the moment. A blast from his boot jets frees him, but before the fight can start all over again he decides a different tactic: surrendering!

Bruce is against this, but Terry is determined to try and get the JLA to follow his lead. But before he can get a word out, Green Lantern--named Kai-Ro--whomps Terry upside the head as payback.

Warhawk decides to be next, but Aquagirl--clearly different than her ancestor--decides to be peacemaker by calming everyone down and listening to Terry. They quickly hatch a plan, and head for the mall, where the power mad young man is running amok.

They find a secret entrance to the mall below ground, and while Warhawk and Barda smash their way in, Terry and Aquagirl do a little flirting:
But as soon as they get inside, they see the young man has graduated from out of control kid to full-fledged supervillain: he now calls himself the new Matter Master! To be continued!

I was never that big a fan of the Batman Beyond concept, and I'm still not, but I really like this Aquagirl character, both in her appearance and demeanor, so I'm going to keep buying this book as long as she's in it!

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Webmaster said...

I've always loved Batman Beyond (might be the name of the new Batman?) and now he's "hooking up" with Aquaman's daughter? Outrageous!