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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The World's Greatest Superheroes!



Aaron said...

Again, all this could have been summed up with the hologram! And are we supposed to believe VS had a camcorder in ancient Sumeria? Did he hire some sort of evil production company (Like Hallmark films) to do a re-enactment??

Wings1295 said...

I love the idea of Savage having... er, forcing a production company to remake his memories for future evil-plan-telling.

Orin's dad said...

Sounds like a Lifetime movie event to me. "Living with an Immortal; the Savage Truth" starring Valerie Bertinelli as Mrs. Savage.

Aaron said...

HA-HA!! "Sleeping With the Savage" - Starring Tori Spelling and Markie Post. With Casper Van Dien as Vandall Savage

aqua buckeye said...

interesting comic strip. now where's my prize for the correct answer to the atlantis question?please in the future give people more time to look for answers to any questions raised here. if not a month then how about a couple of weeks?some of us want to make sure it'as the correct info being put out for everyone to use. thanks again for your web site!

rob! said...


Calm down! I amended the post and am looking into finding a copy of AC #17 so I can post some pages from it so we can all see.

Once Aaron pointed out Atlantis was mentioned in 1941, that only left a 3 year window where Atlantis could have been mentioned, so I figured the contest was over.

I was wrong, obviously, and should have waited a week or so before announcing a conclusive answer.

LMK your address via email (link on the sidebar) and I will send you your copy of BD #17!

...unless, of course, someone comes up with an even EARLIER example!