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Friday, February 18, 2011

Mort Weisinger Article in AWODCC - 1976

There was an article about Mort Weisinger in an issue of the late, great Amazing World of DC Comics fanzine, detailing the man's long history with the company.

I was struck by this graphic, highlighting three of Mort's creations that all debuted around the same time--Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Johnny Quick. Also, I thought it was cool that Aquaman got the lion's share of the space, something fairly rare at the time.

For reasons I have yet to learn, DC doesn't officially list Mr. Weisinger as the co-creator of Aquaman anymore--if you read any Aquaman comic of the last decade, you see only artist Paul Norris is credited. Why? Only DC's lawyers know for sure!

By the way--the above credits from the article are wrong: Johnny Quick debuted in More Fun Comics #71, not #73. Oops!

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Anonymous said...

I think you've isolated the peculiar genius of Mort Weisinger. There's nothing original here. All of these characters as first envisioned are exceptionally derivative And yet, they've all transcended their conceptually questionable origins to become cornerstones of DC over the decades (GA and AM mainly). Thanks go to the myriad of creative personnel who've added their touch since the 40's. Whether he created anything or not, I think Weisinger missed his true calling. He should have been a network TV executive.

James Chatterton