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Thursday, February 17, 2011

In Search of Atlantis...Contest!

Okay, we have some answers regarding Tuesday's post about when the concept of Atlantis was first introduced into the DCU.

The earliest example of Atlantis in a DC comic is, appropriately enough, in Aquaman's very first appearance in More Fun Comics #73 (November 1941):
I'm a tad ashamed I completely forgot about this--maybe because its such a fleeting reference. It was pointed out by F.O.A.M.er Aaron Bias and, unless there's an even earlier mention (doubtful, since the DCU as we know it was less than three years old by this point) I would say that makes this the correct answer.

But Aaron generously said he didn't want to claim the prize (the variant edition of Brightest Day #17 with the Aquaman cover)--he was just in this for the glory. So the prize goes to the second runner-up, a commenter named Teenage Bamm-Bamm who pointed out that Atlantis is mentioned in Wonder Woman #8, published in Spring 1944! Nice job TBB, please drop the Shrine an email so we can send you your book and a F.O.A.M. certificate!

But that's not at all--thanks to another new F.O.A.M. member, Robert Robinson, we have scans from the book itself, since this book was his guess as well:
Thanks to everyone who commented and sent in guesses. Thanks to Aaron for finding Atlantis for us, like a modern day Leonard Nimoy. And to TBB and Robert, welcome to F.O.A.M.!

Update: Perhaps the Shrine spoke too soon! This from commenter Aqua Buckeye:

old your seahorses everybody! I have come up with another answer (the correct one). It's a Zatara tale from Action Comics #17 (Oct. 1939). The magical one had repeated encounters with a 'Setap' who was queen of Atlantis & Ophir. Where's my prize for this surprising answer?"

Hmm, Aqua Buckeye makes a good case--I went and looked the book up on Mike's Amazing World and, lo and behold, Atlantis is mentioned. Anyone have a copy of this particular comic so we can see it with our own eyes?


Wings1295 said...

Interesting! Cool to know it made its first appearance with Aquaman, how appropriate!

And I don't know how the non-land parts of those craters in the WW issue stay intact. Atlantean magic maybe?

Joe Slab said...

Aweseome! Great idead rob! and congrats TBB:)

Joe Slab

Dr. Bobb said...

Sorry for the confusion, me and this Robinson kid are one and the same!

rob! said...

Well then, that simplifies things, doesn't it? Thanks Robert!

Aaron said...

Fortune and Glory. Fortune and Glory.

aqua buckeye said...

hold your seahorses everybody! i didn't know this contest would be over so soon.how about giving people some time to do actual research on the 20,000 d.c. issues out there!in addition to dealing with a computer virus and paying bills i've been doing research into this issue and have come up with another answer(the correct one).it's a zatara tale from action comics #17 (oct. '39).the magical one had repeated encounters with a "setap" who was queen of atlantis & ophir.you can check out "obscure.dcuguide.com" under "the 3 aces" title for further atlantis info!now where's my prize for this surprising answer?