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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Batman Beyond #1 - March 2011

Comics Weekend "Rough Justice" by Adam Beechen, Ryan Benjamin, and John Stanici.

This week's Brightest Day might have been Aqua-less this week, but all was not totally lost for us Aqua-fans.

F.O.A.M.er Joe Huber was kind enough to send in scans from this week's Batman Beyond #1, which features a guest appearance by that book's future-era version of the Justice League, which includes Aquagirl!

Here's how Joe describes what goes on this issue: "One of the workers at the Watchtower is dying thanks to his exposure to villain tech housed there. He of course goes a tad insane, breaks into the weapons vault and steals the Matter Master's wand, which bonds to his arm so now he can transmute matter with just a touch."

"He holds a mall captive where Terry's mom and brother are shopping. The JLU comes to take him down, but Batman has other plans"
To be continued!

Hmm...I knew that Aquagirl and the JLA were guest-starring in this book, but I didn't know they were in it right off the, er, bat. I may have to add this to my pull list, that way the Shrine has a greater chance of putting up something new every single weekend!

Joe was also nice enough to send in the awesome variant cover by Darwyn Cooke:
Love it, thanks so much Joe!

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Webmaster said...

If only there were a Shrine this good for Batman Beyond! I'd be in the "FOBB" club too!