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Friday, January 07, 2011

Aquaman Collected--Updated!

Many times the Shrine has gotten an email from someone looking for a list of Aquaman comics in trade paperback/collected format. Sadly, of all of DC's longest-lasting, iconic characters, the Sea King has the least amount of "permanent" editions in his name.

So below you will find info and Amazon links to all of the Aquaman collected editions that are still available for purchase, a page that I'll update as new books become available!

Aquaman Archives, Volume 1 - 2003
Reprints: Adventure Comics #s 260-280, 282, and Showcase #s 30-31
Color hardcover

Showcase Presents Aquaman, Volume 1 - 2007
Reprints: Adventure Comics #s 260-280, 282, 284, Detective Comics #s 293-300, Showcase #s 30-33, World's Finest #125-129, Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #12, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #55, and Aquaman (Vol.1) #s 1-6
Black and white softcover

Showcase Presents Aquaman, Volume 2 - 2008
Reprints: Aquaman (Vol.1) #s 7-23, World's Finest #130-133, 135, 137, 139, and Brave and the Bold #51

Black and white softcover

Showcase Presents Aquaman, Volume 3 - 2009
Aquaman (Vol.1) #s 24-39, Brave and the Bold #73, and Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #115Black and white softcover

Aquaman Sword of Atlantis: Once and Future - 2006
Reprints: Aquaman Sword of Atlantis #s 40-45
Color softcover

Aquaman: Time and Tide - 1996
Reprints: Aquaman Time and Tide #s 1-4

Color softcover

Aquaman: The Waterbearer - 2003
Reprints: Aquaman (Vol.7) #s 1-6

Color softcover

Aquaman: Death of a Prince - 2011
Reprints: Adventure Comics #s 441-455, Aquaman #s
Color softcover

Hopefully we'll have many more books to add to this list soon--click the "Collected Editions" label at right to check for updates!


Colin Smith said...

Gosh, that really does make a point, in that it's rather shocking how little Aquaman material is actually in print.

Perhaps a book of Aquaman team-ups might be one way to target the sea-king to the attention of the casual buyers of TPB. I can think of a good dozen highly enjoyable Aquaman tales where he's co-starring with characters which might have a higher profile.

Ah, well, it would be good to be able to support more Aquaman product ...

Joe Slab said...

Very cool!

I can't wait until DC officially solicits "Death of the Prince" as well, re-printing his 70's adventures in Adventure Comics and Aquaman.

Rudy Panucci said...

This is a great place to ask this question: Did anyone else have a problem with the first volume of the Aquaman Showcase Edition? My copy (bought off of eBay for cheap) seems to be missing about twenty pages. They're just not where they should be. The book skips them.

Was this a widespread printing defect, or should I just replace my copy?

Unknown said...

it's crazy to think that the PAD ongoing run has never been collected... only the Time and Tide mini! and the funniest thing about Aquaman is that most of his 80s/90s/00s books had short runs and very self-contained story arcs (with the exception of PADs ongoing), and they would make for great graphic novels!!! i could go through and list them out, but it's pretty obvious. anyway, it's nice the seminal classic stuff is getting collected soon, but it feels like too little too late to me.

Stephen said...

DC really needs to collect "The Search for Mera" in trade and also the Peter David run on the ongoing Aquaman title of the 90s.

David J. Cutler said...

Seems like I should finally give up on ever getting a fourth and final Aquaman Showcase collection. Ah, well.

I have a soft spot for the Sub Diego story, really wish more of the water hand stuff was collected (despite the waterbearer version of Aquaman being easily my least favorite, it was also some of the best written).

Eddie said...

There's not alot of Aquaman in print, I've had real good luck getting alot of the more recent 1980+ stuff of eBay for pretty cheap.

I think I paid $30 for the entire PAD run and most of the 2003 series.

Russell said...

Rudy, there isn't anything wrong with my copy of SHOWCASE PRESENTS #1.

rob! said...

Rudy--Yeah, my copy is okay too. Someone must have bumped into the press when it was making your copy. :(

David--I dunno, maybe they'll do a Showcase Vol.4, esp. since it would reprint material earlier than this summer's "Death of a Prince" book will.

Nick, Stephen--It is amazing none of the PAD stuff has been reprinted, since it was so popular!