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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Aquaman Especial - 1991

I found this unusual foreign-language edition of an Aquaman comic book on eBay a few weeks ago. The seller didn't offer any bio information on the book, only some scans of the cover and some interior pages:
From what I see, I'm guessing that this book reprinted the entire 1989 mini-series and the following Legend of Aquaman one-shot, something that's never even been done in America.

The cover copy translates as "Commemorating 50 Years of the King of the Seas!" so maybe there was some other material in this book?

I guess I'll never know, because I didn't buy the thing. The seller was asking around $40 for it, and that was just too much to justify spending...now of course I wish I had!


Joe Slab said...

Love the cover!

Luis said...

The "foreign language" is Portuguese. This is probably a Brazilian edition.

Anonymous said...

A great idea rob! Though I would not recommend Giffen's horrid Aquaman story. But that's just me! :)

Jean Sinclair said...


Yeah! Its a Brazilian Edition. I have this issue.

It´s a rare issue here in Brazil but $40.00 is a very expensive price for it.

Best wishes.