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Friday, September 10, 2010

DC Universe Online Legends #0

Last week I mentioned the DC Universe Online game, and that same day F.O.A.M.er D.C. Dill sent me this, an all-new comic book that serves as a sort of prequel to the game.

The comic is only about twelve pages, and in many respects is reflective of the game, especially when it comes to the paucity of Aquaman's role in it:
...yep, that's it for Aquaman: two panels, one of them unconscious. I guess it was hard making room for the Sea King when so much panel space is taken up by Wonder Woman's ginormous boobs. He didn't even rate the cover, with Hawkman taking what would normally be Aquaman's spot (no dis to Carter intended; I love Hawkman!).

The comic is a weekly online supplement to the game, revealing details about the storyline and whatnot. I haven't seen any future installments (if there are any yet), so let's all hope Aquaman wakes up from his enforced nap and gets in on the action.

Thanks D.C.!


bribaby said...

Wow. Paradise Island is really leading the way in breast enhacement surgery.

Aaron said...

Batman on the cover's like, "Wait, I wasn't ready for the picture, I was scratching my chin with my glove, and my cape was caught in the pointy gauntlet thingies, can we go again?"

Well, okay, I guess I find it kind of bizarre he'd strike a Dracula pose if he isn't in shadows next to a gargoyle or something, but that's just me.

This game looks kind of interesting, but I know nothing of online gaming. So if Aquaman's out, I take it Ultra the Multi-Alien is really a long shot? Nuts.