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Friday, August 27, 2010

DC Universe Online

The Shrine is waaay behind the curve in mentioning the DC Universe Online game--the kick-ass preview popped up on the web during the SDCC--and I had every intention of getting to it sometime. But since Aquaman is not part of the game (how many times have I said that?) I didn't feel especially compelled.

But just today I got a message from someone at Sony Online Entertainment, who told me that while Aquaman is not part of the game yet, "As we have licensing access to all of the DCU, there's the chance that we could add Atlantean-themed content to the game, since it's an online game and there will be dynamic content updates after our launch in November."

That's great to hear, so I figured today is as good a time as any to point you all towards the game's official site, where you can learn all about it. The tagline is "The next legend is you", so let's hope at some point that next legend is Aquaman!


Anonymous said...

I've been "hassling" them non-stop to add Atlantean content... in the meantime can't wait to make a DC Atlantean character!!

Johnny Thunder said...

Aquaman absolutely needs to be in the game.

Brandan E said...

How could he NOT be in the game? Even as a non playable character, how could they exclude him? I'm freakin' stunned.

Mike said...

What are you talking about? There's a video on the website that shows a character design for Aquaman. The thumbnail for the movie is the one where the guy is wearing the red shirt with the Superman shield.

images2icons said...

Heya Rob!
As you may or may not know, I playtest for Disney in their Pirates of the Caribbean online game and have done so since the game was in Alpha, after almost 5 years I am quitting POTC online because I have been asked to playtest by Sony for DCU Online.

So if you have any questions feel free to ask. or check out their facebook page. In the game players make their own new characters, you cannot be any of the established characters, but you do get to interact with them. Arthur will be in the game from the onset, but he does not have a storyline set yet.

Wil Radcliffe said...

Sounds to me like Sony is "fishing" for more free plugs on popular blogs. I seriously have my doubts Aquaman will be play a significant role in the game. They'll cater to the "Bat" and "Super" crowds, with a few tidbits thrown in for WW, Flash, and GL fans. Sorry to be so cynical, but until I see actual footage or stills of Aquaman in action, I'm going to assume corporate BS.

rob! said...


I didn't know you did that, how cool!

Wil--Yeah, I knew they were shopping for a plug, but I was willing to do it, if only to mention it once already. I kept getting emails from people asking why I hadn't, so at least there's this. Even if Aquaman is in the game, I'm not going to play it, so I have to rely on what people tell me.

Diabolu Frank said...

I rarely play video games, so I'm glad Wonder Woman is in there, feel a little bad about J'Onn J'Onzz, less so for the Atom (tough play dynamics there,) but am generally unaffected.