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Friday, August 27, 2010

Rip Haywire

F.O.A.M.er D.C. Dill sent me this installment of the adventure/humor strip Rip Haywire, which features a shout-out to the Sea King in the final panel. Neat!

I'd never seen Rip Haywire before, but after checking out the strip's site
I liked what I saw. It has an old-timey look and feel but with some modern elements thrown in. Thanks D.C.!


ShadZ said...

Actually, Rip Haywire is not an online strip (well, not online-only) -- it's actually in newspapers across the country (including my local Denver Post, until they dropped it)

rob! said...

Sorry for the mistake, duly corrected!

Wings1295 said...

Interesting. Never heard of this strip before!