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Friday, August 27, 2010

Cover to Cover: Best of DC Digest #7

DC simply couldn't get enough Superman-themed digests; and of course with the veritable mountain of material available to them, it must have been relatively easy to come up with a theme and then find enough old stories to fill a book.

Don't remember "Aquaboy", you say? Well, the whole exciting,
continuity-busting adventure was told in Superboy #171 (which the Shrine previously covered here). Too bad that particular issue wasn't popular enough that DC didn't give us a New Adventures of Aquaboy solo title.

The covers are by the criminally underrated Ross Andru (with inks by Dick Giordano). Here's the back:
Sure, there's no Aqua-content here on the back, but I love that Supergirl pose on the left so much I wanted to show it off!


Aaron said...

Yes, that Supergirl pose is great! I have her digest, and the back of that one is quite neat as well. And you can just see that teenage Lex on the left is thinking, "One day I'm gonna have a purple and green jumpsuit and then I'll show them!"

Wings1295 said...

Fun stuff. The Adventures of Aquaboy would have been fun!

r duncan said...

I remember being very pleased when Andru left marvel for DC.

Earth 2 Chris said...

Is it just me, or does Lois look older on the left, than on the right?

Andru was THE cover artist of the late 70s/early 80s, usually inked by Giordano. Great stuff.


John said...

I dunno...Andru's work is very clean and tidy, but I always found it too angular and that he gave his figures (especially the females) such pointy chins. Now, if only they'd gotten Giordano to pencil AND ink! Awesomeness.