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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Super-Hero Stick-Ons Ad - 1974

This is the second of two Super-Hero Stick-On ads that ran in many, many DC comics in the the mid-70s. The other ad was full-page; this one was half that, but it still gets the point across: this is the perfect gift for a sad, lonely child, who preferred putting superhero stickers all over his parents' living room wall instead of going outside and playing with other kids.

That said, man do I wish I had these at the time! They are so cool. I never get tired of that classic Aquaman stock art pose...


John said...

I love the full-page ad, and, like you, always wished I had gotten them. Alas.

One of the placement suggestions made in the full-page version was on one's car. Even as a kid I would think, when seeing the ad: "Who would put one of these huge stickers on their car??!"

Bribaby said...

And then there's that picture of Supergirl in Roman sandals that I don't remember ever seeing her wearing in any story ever.