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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cover to Cover: Best of Brave and the Bold #3

Welcome to a new feature on the Shrine called Cover To Cover!

A short time ago, it dawned on me there are lots of DC covers that feature Aquaman on them, but those covers are on comics that will never be highlighted on the Shrine because Aquaman plays no role inside.

The DCU being what it is, there have been many instances where a bunch of heroes were required for a cover. Aquaman, being a much bigger star in the 50s, 60s, and 70s than he is now, frequently got included in those group shots. And since the Shrine is dedicated to exhaustively detailing every single instance/appearance of Aquaman anywhere ever, I thought this covers-only feature would do the trick.

So above is the book that inspired me--
Best of the Brave and the Bold, a 1988 reprint series (here reprinting B&B #82) that featured brand-new covers, in this case by The Master, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. How could I not post this beauty on the Shrine?

Many more to come!

(Addendum: below JLGL's name it says, "After Hannigan", which I can only assume means Ed Hannigan, who was doing a lot of cover layouts for DC at this time, and this was his work, as well)


Airship Over Water said...

What a gorgeous cover. I love the bright colors here -- even on Batman. It's nice to be reminded that Batman wasn't the brooding and dark detective that he's often portrayed now. I'd be stupid to say that's now the character is best displayed, but I mean, Batman is in the JLA, so let him do some JLA-ish stuff now and then.

Nonetheless, it's a great looking cover. Batman and Aquaman teaming up to take on Ocean Master with sharks in the background. This is the kind of cover that's "poster worthy", if you ask me.

Wings1295 said...

Great cover & a great idea, Rob!

matthew jones said...

An excellent cover, and I have that issue and the whole of the Best of the Brave and the Bold series. Look forward to seeing more nifty covers with Aquaman on.

r duncan said...

Great idea for a new link but I'm confused:

"...those covers are on comics that will never be highlighted on the Shrine because Aquaman plays no role inside."

Aquaman is on the inside of this comic, isn't he?

rob! said...

Rick--This issue reprints B&B #82, which the Shrine already covered (the link to it is in the post) back in 2008, I think. So the only "new" material to highlight is the cover.